The Institution of Sustainability Professionals (ISP) is a non-political professional organisation that brings together a wide group of people who have a common interest in the field of sustainability.

We look to be a new style of ‘Professional Institution’ which seeks to further the knowledge and practice of sustainable policy, development and working – by providing free ‘Subscriber Membership’ to all those who wish to explore, use and contribute to our website. We also provide a high standard of peer-reviewed accreditation for professionals working in the field of sustainability in a wide range of sectors across the world – we charge a small fee for accreditation assessment but thereafter annual membership is now entirely free.

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Sustainable families, communities, businesses, nations and the world.

Sustainability is about developing the well-being of society over the long term.

It requires thinking and action that is urgent, challenging and compelling. We need to think and act in a holistic manner – considering: economic; social and health issues; resource and energy management; environmental, and political issues to help provide a sustainable future for the whole planet. Everyone can do their bit to ensure our future generations can have a sustainable well-being and future.

We share ideas and knowledge – connecting people who need some pragmatic answers to their everyday problems  - and disseminating good ideas and practice.

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